Frozen Assets

New Editions of the Frozen Assets Books

I just received copies of the newly updated editions of my two Frozen Assets books.  They look so nice!  My kids all said that the books are definitely a more high-quality product than what was produced before.

I love the covers, too.  🙂

Although there is something rather amusing/ironic about the new covers.  Remember my severe allergy to mushrooms?  Well, both of the new book covers have photos of mushrooms on them!  Cracks me up.  LOL!  😉


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I truly think that is funny, putting on your allergen while promoting you. Good one. Thanks for coming back to your e zine. Sorry for the reason but glad to have it back. With my allergy to eggs it makes it hard for me to do a lot of your recipes but I do my best on what I can. Please keep up the good work! Thanks.


Comment by Teresa


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