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Freezer Cooking Recipes from Woman’s World Magazine

Several years ago, Woman’s World magazine did an article about my family and my methods for cooking ahead.  They included a number of recipes with the article that were developed by the Woman’s World staff.  It was recently pointed out to me that all the recipes are now online — someone evidently “borrowed” the recipes from the magazine and posted the set online.

If you’d like to see the recipes, go here:


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I would be interested in looking at the article; however, the link above doesn’t really have the information that it should have the article. I’m wondering what issue the article is in so maybe I can se if they have it at the library or even if my mom has it somewhere (she’s a pretty big packrat…) I’d love to check it out. Maybe it’s something the magazine could consider reprinting…?


Comment by Neila

Hi, Neila! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I double-checked the link and somehow it’s being misdirected, so I found the recipe collection at another site and changed the link. The one in the above post is now correct. 🙂


Comment by dsimple

The recipe looks delicious and not to hard to make.


Comment by Ruthie

I just read at the California Library their legal finding that recipes are considered “facts” under copyright law and are reprintable or usable somewhere else without being illegal.

Hi, Jolie …

Thanks for your comment! Just to clarify slightly, the ingredients of a recipe are the “facts” of the recipe and not-copyrighted. But the important point to keep in mind is that it’s a “collection” of recipes such as you’d find in a cookbook or magazine article, that IS protected under copyright laws. Not the facts of the recipes individually, but the entire collection. So the reprinting of the complete article’s collection from Woman’s World is actually a breach of US Copyright laws (although just sharing the ingredient list and brief instructions of an individual recipe probably wouldn’t be).

Hope that makes some sort of sense. Sorry if it was confusing in some way.



Comment by Jolie


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