Frozen Assets

Easy Make-Ahead Dinner Ideas

I like to keep pre-cooked chicken breasts in the freezer to use for heating up for easy, no-fuss meals. I also cut up pre-cooked and frozen chicken meat for using in salads and soups.

Another easy summertime cooking idea is to marinate chicken pieces by putting the chicken with the marinade directly into a freezer bag and then freezing them together. The chicken marinates while it’s freezing and thawing, so after it’s thawed, I can just throw the already marinated chicken onto the grill or under the broiler for an easy, delicious meal.  This method also works well with chunks of chicken breast marinated and then baked/barbequed on skewers.

I also like to make up a bunch of pre-shaped hamburger patties, frozen separately between sheets of waxed paper for easy cooking. Just put the frozen patties — unthawed — into a frying pan or under the broiler and cook ’til done.


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We do this with steaks too! 😀


Comment by Debbie

What a great tip for freezing chicken with the marinade. I don’t know why I wouldn’t have though about that before!


Comment by cooking contests


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